Natural-WE Community Statement of Solidarity and Encouragement

Natural-WE Community is angered and disheartened at the continued abuse, systemic oppression and racism against Black, African-descended peoples in the United States. The recent murders of Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and George Floyd reflect the disregard for Black life that this society and establishment continue hold rooted in its ideology. WE are at a place where we, as people of Black and African descent living in the United States of America, have reached our boiling point. WE are tired of not receiving justice. We’re tired of not being heard. We’re tired of being misunderstood. We’re tired of being inappropriately classified. We’re tired of being oppressed and we’re tired of the focus being more on how WE react to being tired instead of why WE are tired.  In light of this, uprisings and protests have taken hold across the world. From the United States to London, Nigeria, Berlin and Toronto, Black people rebel in efforts to hold governing establishments accountable for these continued atrocities. Black people march and protest to stir the spirit for complete freedom and liberation.


Natural-WE Community stands in solidarity for Black Liberation and healing. WE use our emotions to fuel the fire within us to continue building our strong community. WE encourage the unification of our people in the struggle for freedom. As boycotts are organized, marches continue, and the quest for freedom continues, WE encourage all who feel the call to participate in strategic action so that our collective voice will be heard.  WE will be diligent in educating, uplifting and empowering ourselves. WE will not get discouraged! WE will keep fighting and keep the fire within burning strong! The marathon to liberation is multi-faceted and all must play their role. If you must march, march for justice. If you must sing, sing for freedom. Lawyers, doctors, healers, organizers, educators, fundraisers, WE need you. Our people need you.


Let us come together and be the Community WE are. Support Black-owned businesses. Donate to Black organizations. WE have nothing to lose, but so much to gain:  Mental Liberation. Spiritual Liberation. Psychological Liberation. Cultural Liberation. and Physical Liberation. WE will win!  WE will Win! WE WILL WIN! And when WE have won, WE will be MORE than Well.

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